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What are the Types of Faucets?


These faucets have PTC (pay to click) which is where you get paid a certain amount of tokens for visiting a website for 5 – 60 seconds. These types of faucets have other activities like Offerwalls where you can do serveys and other activities for tokens. They also usually will have a faucet that you get free tokens every 5 – 60 minutes depending on the site. Lastly they will also have games and lotteries and other activities.


This type of faucet allows you to spin to get a random number which coencides with a certain free coin amount. These sites are free and allow you to spin every 30 – 60 minutes depending on the site.


These faucets are for specific coins they will give you small amounts of that certain coin. These faucets usually allow you to visit once a day. How they work. These sites are usually one page and you put your wallet address for that coin and click claim and the crypto will be sent directly to your wallet. these also work with exchanges like Coinbase or Binance